Aker Horizons develops green industrial projects, technologies and companies that accelerate the net zero transition


Aker Horizons develops green energy and green industry to accelerate the transition to zero emissions. Our mission is to decarbonize industry on a global scale.

Aker Horizons’ portfolio comprises both private and public companies, with a clear planet-positive mandate. Our core areas consist of renewable energy, carbon capture and hydrogen – three key levers to achieve net zero by 2050.

Each portfolio company works to maximize value individually, with separate management teams and boards, but with strong support from Aker Horizons to ensure activities are optimized across the entire value chain and to capitalize on internal expertise in the broader Aker group.

Aker Horizons Asset Development, our wholly-owned asset development arm, is set up to originate, develop, own and operate industrial-scale hydrogen projects to meet growing demand for decarbonizing energy-intensive, hard-to-abate industries such as shipping, steel and fertilizers. Initial focus areas include green ammonia, green methanol and green iron.


Aker Carbon Capture ASA was established as a separate entity in 2020, building on more than 20 years of experience and validation of its proprietary carbon capture technology within the Aker group. Since 2020, the company has positioned itself firmly as a market leader for the deployment of industrial decarbonization.

Listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, Ownership: 43.3%


In June 2024, a Joint Venture was created between SLB and Aker Carbon Capture, with SLB owning 80% and Aker Carbon Capture ASA owning 20% of the combined company.The Joint Venture is built on a partnership between two strong companies with a proven track record of building industrial technology businesses with the resources to scale for substantial growth.

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An independent renewable energy player with a global portfolio of assets across solar, onshore and bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind. A portfolio of 20.8 GW with key projects in Chile, South Africa, Vietnam and South Korea.

Unlisted, Ownership: 58.4 %

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SuperNode designs and delivers superconducting connection systems to connect renewable generation and increase grid interconnection in mature markets. Superconductors reduce losses and footprint to bring power to where demand is highest.

Unlisted, Ownership: 50%

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