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Aker Horizons to Collaborate with UiT Narvik to Develop Green Industrial Skills for the Future

Aker Horizons ASA (OSE: “AKH”), through its wholly owned subsidiary Aker Narvik AS (“Aker Narvik”), will collaborate with UiT The Arctic University of Norway’s (“UiT”) Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (“IVT faculty”) in Narvik to develop the skills and competencies required for the green industrial jobs of the future.

The collaboration is part of Aker Horizons’ development of a green industrial hub in Narvik in Northern Norway, where UiT offers several engineering programs at the IVT faculty.

Aker Horizons and its portfolio companies, together with local industry, are utilizing their capabilities across hydrogen and renewable energy to develop green value chains and sustainable export industries in the Narvik region. UiT’s mission is to deliver high-quality education and research that contributes to development, value creation and growth in the High North. The IVT faculty educates engineers, civil engineers and PhD candidates in subject areas that are of high relevance to the green industrial shift.

“Aker Narvik’s projects will require a diverse range of industrial skills, and hence skills development will be a cornerstone of the Narvik green industrial hub. UiT’s Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology is the ideal academic partner for Aker Narvik in this regard. It has an outstanding professional oriented education and broad study portfolio with interdisciplinary qualities that are well suited to meet the industrial challenges of the future. Research conducted at the faculty is focused on innovation in engineering and technology, and is closely linked thematically to a number of industrial areas being considered by Aker Narvik. In addition, the IVT faculty has advanced laboratory facilities for the development and testing of new technology, which will serve us well as we explore new frontiers within green industrial transformation,” said Kristian Røkke, CEO of Aker Horizons.

“The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (“IVT”) at the Narvik campus has since 1955 had as its societal function to contribute to the development of business in the region, through our engineering expertise. Our studies and our research will contribute to new green industry, ensure employment and sustainable development in Northern Norway. Therefore, it is important for us to have a close collaboration with Aker Narvik. We want to contribute with expertise, joint research projects, and contribute to a more progressive University Campus in Narvik for both employees and students,” said Faculty Director Åsunn Lyngedal.

Aker Narvik and UiT’s IVT faculty will explore opportunities for collaboration to support undergraduate and graduate students writing theses on relevant areas of study, and a collaboration for doctoral students, for example through the Norwegian Research Council’s Industrial PhD scheme. The parties will also seek to jointly develop continuing education and training programs. Aker Narvik and IVT also aim to initiate joint projects and position themselves to receive support from relevant funding schemes, including Horizon Europe, the European Union’s research and innovation program that runs until 2027.


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