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Aker Horizons Partners with the UN Conference of Youth to Promote and Support the Next Generation of Climate Changemakers

Aker Horizons is proud to announce a partnership with the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY), organised by YOUNGO, which is taking place in Glasgow ahead of the COP26 climate meeting in November.

Aker Horizons is a planet-positive investment company with a focused portfolio committed to realising renewable energy and green technologies such as hydrogen, solar, wind and carbon capture to accelerate the race to zero.

YOUNGO is the official youth consistency of the UNFCCC, bringing together youth-led organisations and delegations from across the globe to represent youth voices and perspectives within the UNFCCC negotiations. They annually convene the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY).

This year, the 16[th] Annual COY (COY16) will take place on 28-31 October and is the largest and most significant youth gathering on climate change. It will bring together thousands of young changemakers from more than 140 countries to drive youth participation and capacity building for COP26.

Together with the COY16 organisers, Aker Horizons and its portfolio companies will participate in a series of activities, including:

· Leading career talks for youth about the importance and excitement of working in the renewable energy and decarbonisation sectors
· Facilitating youth capacity building through providing industry deep-dives into the latest trends and projects in green finance, renewable energy and carbon capture
· Supporting the COY16 Global Innovation Competition focused on youth climate innovation, including leading the competition assessment panel
· Presenting the Aker Horizons Innovation Award to youth changemakers at the COY16 Gala Dinner alongside sustainability leaders

“Young people around the world are showing real leadership and demanding accelerated action from leaders in all walks of life,” said Kristian Røkke, Chief Executive Officer of Aker Horizons. “As the generation that will have to live with the consequences of past activities, their involvement in shaping the future is critical. Their perspectives, ideas and passion will positively contribute to achieving our collective energy and decarbonisation goals. As a company working to solve fundamental challenges to our sustainable existence, Aker Horizons is proud to partner with COY16 and YOUNGO at this crucial time and I look forward engaging with the delegates in Glasgow prior to COP26.”

About COY

The UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) is an event under the banner of YOUNGO – The Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The conference takes place right before the annual UN Climate Change Conference, also known as Conference of the Parties (COP), which is being held in Glasgow in November.

COY serves as a space for capacity building and policy training to prepare young people for their participation at COP. One of the major outputs of COY16 is the policy document crafted by youth voices globally, which will be forwarded during the UN Climate Negotiations.

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About Aker Horizons

Aker Horizons is dedicated to incubating and developing companies that solve fundamental challenges to sustainable existence – what we call planet-positive investing. We combine the industrial capabilities and financial acumen of the 180-year-old Aker group with a desire to accelerate and scale up the solutions required to reduce emissions and promote sustainable living.

Aker Horizons has a portfolio of companies that work every day to realize clean hydrogen production, solar power, onshore and offshore wind and carbon capture and storage.

We are facing the biggest challenge in human history as we fight to secure a healthy planet for all. Solutions to drive the transition exist or are in development. The future industry needs to move faster and more efficiently than ever before. We’re committed to increase the pace and scale, and to drive change toward net zero.