How are general meetings conducted?

General shareholders’ meetings (“general meetings”) are held as either physical or electronic meetings. The board decides from time to time the manner of the meeting, which will be stated in the notice calling the meeting together with details on how to participate.

If the general meeting is held as a physical meeting, shareholders may attend in person, by proxy or participate electronically.

If the general meeting is held as an electronic meeting, electronic participation is the only means available.

Who may attend and vote at general meetings?

All Aker Horizons ASA (also referred to as the “Company”) shareholders are entitled to attend and vote at the Company’s general meetings.


If you are recorded in the shareholder registry under your own name, you may attend and vote personally or by proxy if you are unable to attend personally. The proxy instructions accompanying the meeting notice will contain further details.

If your shares are held via a brokerage or other nominee account, you must have the shares re-registered in your name before you are able to exercise shareholders’ rights and voting rights at the general shareholders’ meeting. Such re-registration must be completed no later than the day preceding the deadline for notifying your attendance at the meeting. Thus, it is important to instruct your account manager to initiate re-registration well ahead of the meeting date.

How are shareholders notified of general meetings?

The meeting notice for an Aker Horizons ASA general meeting is distributed to all shareholders on record with a known address no later than 21 days prior to the general meeting. If you do not receive the meeting notice, please contact Aker Horizons’ investor relations manager, and if necessary, verify that the address details in your VPS account are correct. Meeting notices and their related material are published simultaneously on the Company’s website and via the Oslo Stock Exchange’s publication service: www.newsweb.no.

How do I register to attend a general meeting?

If the general meeting is held as a physical meeting, shareholders who wish to appear in person may be required to pre-register their attendance. The meeting notice will contain details of such registration.

Shareholders participating electronically do not need to pre-register their attendance but must be logged in before the general meeting starts.

Can I vote in advance of the general meeting?

Shareholders who are unable to participate at the general meeting may vote electronically during the registration period prior to the meeting. The meeting notice will contain details of such advance voting.

How do I exercise my right to vote if I am unable to attend a general meeting?

You may delegate someone to act as your proxy by submitting a completed proxy form; proxy forms accompany the notice of the general meeting that you received for such meeting. Blank proxy forms can be downloaded from the Company’s website. The meeting notice will contain details on how to grant a proxy.


You may also vote in advance of such general meeting as described above.


Can I propose issues to be dealt with at the general meeting?

Shareholders are entitled to have matters put before general meetings if such proposals are received by the board no later than seven (7) days prior to the notification deadline for attending the general meeting. Such submissions should be accompanied by a proposal to vote on — or state the reasons why your question(s) warrant treatment by the shareholders’ meeting. Send your proposals to the company via email to: stian.andreassen@akerhorizons.com    or by mail to: Aker Horizons ASA, John Strandruds vei 10-12, 1366 Lysaker, Norway. Please label your submission as follows: Agenda item proposals/questions to be discussed at Aker Horizons ASA general shareholders’ meeting.

Can I propose candidates for the Company’s board of directors?

Shareholders may convey proposals for board candidates to the Company’s nomination committee using the following address: stian.andreassen@akerhorizons.com. The deadline for submitting proposals for the upcoming board election is 1 November of the year preceding the Company’s next annual shareholders’ meeting.

Are the minutes of general shareholders’ meetings available to shareholders?

A signed copy of meeting minutes is available on Aker Horizons’ webpages that list the Company’s Oslo Stock Exchange notifications, as soon as the minutes have been released by the Oslo Stock Exchange and its publication service: www.newsweb.no.

What are the responsibilities of Aker Horizon ASA’s registrar and why do I need a VPS account?

As an exchange-listed company, Aker Horizons ASA is required to have an account registrar that maintains the shareholders’ registry on behalf of the Company. Aker Horizons ASA’s shares and the holdings of individual shareholders are registered with the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (Verdipapirsentralen — VPS).


Aker Horizons ASA shareholders are required to maintain an account with the VPS in which the shares are registered. A VPS client account may be opened with your current bank or at another bank, broker, or financial institution, each of which is a so-called VPS account operator. All changes/transactions in your VPS account must be handled by your account operator. (See VPS’s website: www.vps.no/public/vps_eng)

Who is Aker Horizons ASA’s registrar?

Aker Horizons ASA has chosen DNB Bank as its registrar:

Postboks 1600 Sentrum

Telephone: +47 23 26 80 20

What services does the registrar provide to Aker Horizons ASA shareholders?

The registrar is the intermediary between the Company and individual shareholders regarding the shares they own. Services provided by DNB Bank include:


  • Dividend payments by Aker Horizons ASA to its shareholders
  • Details of your inventory of Aker Horizons ASA shares
  • Identification of the financial institution that is your VPS account operator

What is Aker Horizons ASA’s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code?

Aker Horizons ASA’s LEI code is 549300SX4Z9T612Q0N59.